3 km from Daman bus station and 2

Become a Redditorand subscribe to one of thousands of communities.4So I played this game a little on the PS4 and now returning to it but on PC. Should I still do the main story quest?When I started I got placed ay Summerset place and did the new tutorial. Played around Summerset a bit till i got into one of the quest that the boss kept healing and as a level 5 I decided to level up more or at least get an ulti before attempting it again.Also, I planning on making a healing/dps magicka warden but can seem to get any restoration or destruction staff, is there a way to get these? Also heard about those training gears, but unsure how to get them, apparently need to craft? Is there a specific vendor that I can buy them from?If your after training gear you can ask someone to craft it for you.

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