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Joyetech Riftcore Duo coil less RTA

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canada goose outlet new york city Disclaimer: This product was sent to canada goose uk black friday me for Canada Goose Coats On Sale the purposes of review by Joyetech. canada goose store I review all items for a minimum of 2 weeks cheap Canada Goose daily use and do not embellish my opinions. Experiences are based on canada goose uk shop the mod received, how I vape canada goose jackets outlet, and may not be representative of all of the produced same devices. canada goose outlet new york city

canada goose outlet usa Note: I’ve been vaping for 4 years. My vaping style currently varies between RTAs and RDAs, 24 26g Kanthal and SS316L typically canada goose clearance between 40 and 70 watts on regulated mods. In addition to the mod reviewed I’ve been using the Joyetech Infinite and OBS Crius RDA as well as the Conspiracy RDA canada goose outlet usa

canada goose outlet montreal The Riftcore is fairly short and Canada Goose Online simple in design. Canada Goose Jackets It doesn’t have a large top or bottom area and resembles an RTA like the canada goose coats on sale Mage RTA. It’s mostly smoked glass with a small amount of black at the top and bottom. The airflow ring has indentations to assist with adjusting the airflow. The RTA is so short canada goose uk outlet it is hard to adjust though. The top is curved and has some indentations as well. The drip tip is the ever popular signature honeycomb 510 drip tip. The barrel is a very small half dome which should preserve flavor quite a bit since very little room is needed to accommodate coil builds. This is a sample version I received, but there is no branding or designs on the tank at all besides the bottom. canada goose outlet montreal

canada goose shop uk How it works canada goose clearance sale The RFC « coil » is basically 2 rectangular ceramic plates with vent holes made of « special metallic materials ». The deck itself resembles a postless deck and to wick it you use straight strips of cotton. These rectangular plates Canada Goose Parka press against both sides of the cotton strip and when heated create vapor. canada goose shop uk

canada goose outlet legit Rebuilding There is no building needed and no cleaning. You dry burn the plates as you would a coil to clean them. I dry burn and rinse with water. Wicking is very easy and quite a few pre cut cotton strips are included as well as a metal sizing guide for the wick. Just cut to length and squeeze it in between. It really could not be simpler. I haven’t experienced any leaks from this tank. You do need to make sure the cotton strip is thick enough to really Canada Goose online squeeze between the plates. To thin and you won’t get a good vape and it will leak. The size guide included is helpful but in the future something easier to keep track of like a card with the appropriate size would be better. canada goose outlet legit

canada goose outlet ottawa Refilling As mentioned above the airflow is hard to adjust with the RTA on a mod. I always close airflow when refilling to prevent canada goose factory sale leaking. Like most Joyetech tanks the top cap slides backward to reveal the fill port. The Drip tip on this one too long and requires you to pull the drip tip partly out or all the way out before sliding the top open. uk canada goose outlet A minor inconvenience but does prevent the cap from opening in your pocket. canada goose outlet ottawa

canada goose outlet washington dc How it vapes Joyetech recommended buy canada goose jacket using this tank between 40 50 watts. I like cooler vapes but 40w wasn’t cutting it. 50w is decent but I really find it’s best at 55 watts for my tastes. At 55w I get pretty decent flavor and vapor with the airflow a little over of the way open. I chose to use Placid in this tank as canada goose black friday sale I have vaped more of that in my life and on a daily basis than any other flavor so I could be sure I had a good reference to the flavor of the tank. A common theme with all ceramic coils is heat and it’s a bit of an issue here as well. With my normal vaping this tank gets pretty warm as does my mod. It takes a good 5 6 hits in fairly quick succession but it does heat up a good bit. The drip tip never really heats to the point it’s uncomfortable but the amount of heat on the tank and transferring to canada goose the mod worries me so I typically have to put it down to let it buy canada goose jacket cheap cool when chain vaping. canada goose outlet washington dc

canada goose premium outlet I was skeptical about this tank and really I still am until testing documents are released. That being said, as it is and assuming it’s safe, I’ve been reasonably happy with it. Easily the best experience I’ve had with ceramic style coils, albeit all my previous experiences were awful. Bumping up the wattage to 55w produces flavor and vapor comparable to the average RTA or Subohm tank. It’s not what I’d call a flavor RTA but it’s not bad either. I’d put it on par with the OBS Engine for flavor. A stronger or crisp flavor will be good while more subtle cheap canada goose uk or complex flavors might not be as good. I like the squat simple style of the tank and the capacity is good as well. Wicking is fairly straightforward and simple and no rebuilding required. The thing I dislike the most is the heat. I will be using this with canada goose coats a heat dissipating ring I bought from Fasttech (4895606) but even then the whole tank heats up. It’s just the nature of ceramic coils. Otherwise, pending testing information and any health concerns I think Joyetech might have a good thing with this tank. I’m awaiting the uk canada goose results of their testing canada goose premium outlet.