Doctors should consider the possibility of diabetes in any

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Over the next four years, nearly 13,000 workers dug 95 miles of tunnels at an average depth of 150 feet (45 meters) below sea level. Eight million cubic meters of soil were removed, at a rate of some 2,400 tons per hour. The completed Chunnel would have three interconnected tubes, including one rail track in each direction and one service tunnel.

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In Europe and America, Type 2 diabetes has been seen for the first time in young people. This is mainly caused by the increasing trend towards obesity in our society.What causes childhood diabetes? As with adults, the cause of childhood diabetes is not understood. It probably involves a combination high quality replica handbags of genes and environmental triggers.The majority of children who develop Type 1 don’t have a family history of diabetes.What are the symptoms?The main symptoms are the Designer Fake Bags same as in adults.Doctors should consider the possibility of diabetes in any child who has an otherwise unexplained history of illness or tummy pains for a few weeks.If diabetes is diagnosed, your child should be referred to the regional specialist in childhood diabetes.How is diabetes treated in children?The specialised nature of managing childhood diabetes means that most children are cared for by the hospital rather than by their GP.Most children with diabetes need insulin treatment.