Given our lack of depth in midfield right now (plus Rambo

Tottenham Hotspur 1

I noticed that the spuds attack was always on the side that Ozil was on. moncler outlet If you replay the match, this is how they effectively render him useless. He has to track back and « try » to play defence, so when he gets the ball he so deep in our half that its basically cheap moncler outlet impossible to get out.Ozil lined up on the right, and the entire 1st half the spuds attacked on their left. Second half Ozil shifted to our left for a bit, and their attack suddenly only came down buy moncler jackets their right side.There something that needs to be banned: the drive down the right through Bellerin that ends up with him being confronted (not tackled or closed down) out wide, and he passes back and centre, often it Iwobi there. Then, lots of ticky tacky and side passing to try to find an opportunity as good as we simply gave up in the first place.We were totally ineffective down the left today, a big contrast to when we had Kola or even AMN playing there. Just one example of us having next to no individual instructions in our game, thus not moncler mens jackets making the very most of what we cheap moncler have in this team. I convinced that there plenty moncler sale more to work with this group moncler sale outlet of players, certainly more than what we witnessed yesterday.Firstly, we were unlucky. If Auba is cheap moncler jackets given onside in the 1st half then it is almost certainly 1 0 to the Arsenal and an entirely different game.Secondly, it is unfair to say the players don care. They were trying hard. Spurs are annoying as it is to say it a very good team.Lacazette is still a very good player. Why he is low on confidence is a bit of a mystery, but to pin any blame on him is not really fair. The entire team misfired just as much as he did. He was a bit unlucky with that final chance Lloris did an excellent job coming out to narrow the angles.Don give up guys. We still have an excellent shot at 2 trophies. It is more important to back the team now than ever. They totally dominated us in the midfield, which is to be expected when you have Dier/Wanyama/Dembele/Alli and our was Elneny and Xhaka. Given our lack of depth in midfield right now (plus Rambo injury) that was the best option we had, mymoncleroutlet but my god were we average. Cech AGAIN making some really questionable decisions, taking his time playing it out from the back. The difference in quality really showed today. Some big additions are needed. COYGI had time to calm down, so now I give my 2p. Bear moncler outlet online in mind I missed the first 15 minutes or so, so if I say half its from 15 45.We looked quite solid defensively in the first half. Forcing them wide, not allowing them to get Kane in, putting in tackles and wining duels. The only chance of any kind I remember was the Kane one where he headed over. Going forward we offered absolutely nothing. You think a team with Ozil and Mkhitaryan playing behind Aubameyang would have no trouble creating against a team playing a high line, no? No. Mkh looked off it, though he tried. Auba got little service and Ozil touch and decision making looked poor IMO. The midfield absolutely did not help there moncler outlet store though. 0 0 would been fair based on first half.Second half, deary me. Absolutely awful. How can a team look moncler outlet sale so disciplined defensively in the first half and look so lethargic and lax in the second? The back 4 as a unit were dreadful. No communication, no defensive line, no ownership. Why cheap moncler coats is it every time we won the ball back, we dillydallied trying to play it out, only to play a poor ball? Why do we invite pressure?The midfield offered nothing. No pressing, no energy. Cech was our best player but even he almost cost us two goals by being a clown. The subs came way too late, and IMO were the wrong ones. I would done Laca for Xhaka, as he looked slow, and Wele for Mkh. Mkh looked poor today, but I have confidence he be better next game. I don know what going on with Iwobi, but he needs a set of instructions to follow so that he always knows what to do. Too often he dribbles into a dead end and plays a wayward sideways pass.Yes, Laca missed twice but he isn the reason we lost. The first was a difficult chance to take first time, though I expect him to hit it cleanly the way Kane did. The second is a chance I expect him to score, but again I don cheap moncler sale think that miss is the reason we lost. IMO 4 0 would been a fair score.If it makes anyone else feel any better just remember that Spuds will lose Pochettino when Zidane goes and will slowly monlcer down jackets slide back down the table. that 2nd half we got overrun because of our shit defensive organisation but we were so sloppy whenever we got going upfield. it was a chance to put pressure on them but it never happened.

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