In a new anthology, (the title evoking Donald Trump’s muttered

survive and fight misogyny in the Trump and Weinstein era

cheap moncler coats We could reveal every sexual harasser in Hollywood, cheap moncler politics, tech and the news media; we could rewrite the obituaries of recent luminaries, moncler sale their hidden transgressions deservedly diminishing their legacies. We could out and rout the predators and misogynists and attackers lurking in our midst and our memories, until all those open secrets are simply open. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet sale But even if what has been dubbed this « Weinstein moment » succeeds in unmasking, shaming and banishing more and more offenders, it’s not clear that crossing names off an endless list of hideous men will topple the structures of entitlement and permissiveness enabling their actions. « Trying to fight misogyny using juridical moral notions is a bit like trying to fight fire with oxygen, » writes Cornell University moncler outlet philosopher Kate Manne. « It might work on a small scale we do manage to blow out matches and candles, after all. But when we try to scale up the strategy, it is liable to backfire. We would be trying to put out a fire while feeding right into it. » moncler outlet sale

moncler sale outlet Manne’s is excruciatingly well timed, providing a theoretical framework for a phenomenon baring itself before us, perverse and pervasive. Together monlcer down jackets with other books exploring recent infamous instances of sexism from the Gamergate wars to the 2016 presidential campaign cheap moncler outlet « Down Girl » reminds us that while revealing individual misogynists is hard, uprooting misogyny is much harder. And it becomes all the more so when the dominant figure in American politics moncler outlet sale displays misogynistic and abusive tendencies himself, and when the reenergized movement advocating for the rights of women shows deep divisions. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet online A watershed. A reckoning. A cultural revolution. There moncler outlet online are lots of descriptions for this moment, signals of its weight and impact. For Manne, this is a misleading and « naive » definition that risks limiting misogyny to the realm of emotion and psychology where it can be particularized and even excused. Manne sees misogyny in systemic terms, especially in its relationship to sexism. »Misogyny should be understood as the ‘law enforcement’ branch of a patriarchal order, which has the overall function of policing and enforcing its governing ideology, » she writes. That ideology moncler mens jackets is sexism, the belief in inherent female inferiority, and misogyny is the mechanism that upholds and imposes that belief in daily life. Manne uses several metaphors to make her point too many, really but her meaning is clear. « Sexism wears a lab coat, misogyny goes on witch hunts…. Sexism is bookish; misogyny is combative. Sexism has a theory; misogyny wields a cudgel. » moncler outlet online

moncler sale In this sense, determining whether individual harassers and abusers are themselves misogynists matters less than realizing that an cheap moncler jackets environment where harassment and abuse are chronic limiting women’s safety, livelihoods and well being is itself misogynistic. moncler sale

moncler outlet jackets Any and all women can suffer misogyny, but its primary targets are women who overtly undermine that power moncler outlet store imbalance, « those who are perceived as insubordinate, negligent, or out of order, » Manne writes, those unwilling to be categorized only as the supportive wife, cool girlfriend, loyal assistant or attentive waitress. Women give, men take. Misogynists love this arrangement and moncler sale outlet can love their mommies, too. moncler outlet jackets

moncler factory outlet But women violate the code if they call out powerful men for their misdeeds. Or if they try to take a man’s job say, the presidency of the United States. Or if they just say no. « You’re no fun, » Matt Lauer reportedly told a colleague who resisted his advances. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler [Katy Tur’s memoir chronicles the Trump campaign and the indignities of reporting while female] cheap moncler

moncler outlet store This is why it’s so hard for women to publicly accuse men of predatory actions. The victims are perceived as « dramatizing and self important, » Manne writes. They risk not being believed. Or getting blamed. Or having crimes investigated improperly. Or being called selfish, mendacious. Women suffer automatic « credibility deficits » when leveling such accusations, Manne writes, while men enjoy what she calls « himpathy, » or the « excessive sympathy sometimes shown toward male perpetrators of sexual violence. » moncler outlet store

moncler jacket sale That credibility deficit may be shrinking with each new charge against a high profile man. When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell looks at the allegations against GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama and declares « I believe the women, » it seems the benefit of the doubt is no longer automatically with the accused. But recent events have not disproved Manne’s argument; they affirm the courage women must summon to speak truths they’ve held for years or decades, with the chance of being belittled, threatened or injured once again. In the game developer and anti online abuse activist describes the notorious episode known as Gamergate, a case of brutal and unceasing digital harassment against a woman who had the temerity to make inclusive video games that grapple with subjects buy moncler jackets like mental illness. « Let me be the Virgil to your Dante as we descend through the various webrings of hell, » she writes, recounting how an ex boyfriend’s savage 2014 manifesto about their relationship incited a relentless mob of « online white supremacist movements, misogynist nerds, conspiracy theorists, and dispassionate hoaxers » who got their kicks threatening and harassing Quinn and her friends and relatives. cheap moncler coats They encouraged her to kill herself, fantasized about raping her and disseminated intimate photos of her. Quinn watched it all unfold cheap moncler sale online. »This kind of behavior is not just about terrorizing you; it’s about control, » she writes, echoing Manne’s analysis. « It’s about making you want to disappear, instilling fear, and limiting your possibilities. It’s about punishing you for stepping out of line. » moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler jackets Quinn, who identifies as queer and feminine, appears torn over the extent to which her gender and identity made her a focus. She stresses that online abuse « isn’t limited to a ‘women’s issue,’ nor is it solely or always primarily rooted in misogyny. » But as Gamergate dragged on, Quinn grew exhausted by « being a punching bag for people who hated women, » she admits. « There are different tactics and systems at play, but there is always one constant: the mob needs a witch to burn. » cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet The 2016 presidential campaign offered another such target for the mob: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In a new anthology, (the title evoking Donald Trump’s muttered insult to Clinton during their third presidential debate), several contributors examine the role of misogyny in the race, and their conclusion is unmistakable. « This election wasn’t simply a political contest, » memoirist Cheryl Strayed writes. moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale Who, for instance, was responsible for Trump’s victory? « They’re white men, » explains anthology co editor Kate Harding. « They’re white women who will do anything to maintain the protection of white men. They’re a few sexist men of color. They’re stone cold racists. » It’s as clear a distillation as you’ll find of the left’s common wisdom and enduring anger regarding the election cheap moncler jackets sale.