What if I failed the fundamentals of engineering exam?If you

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To do that, do I need to take the FE exam in the specific discipline?The Washington Board does not require that the FE be in the same discipline. We only require that you take and pass the FE exam.What if I failed the fundamentals of engineering exam?If you were registered as a Washington applicant and failed the fundamentals exam, you can go directly to the NCEES website and register to retake the exam. You may take the exam once during any 2 month testing window, and no more than 3 times replica handbags online in a 12 month period.How do I become certified as a Washington Engineer in Training?If you want to be certified aaa replica designer handbags as an engineer in training in Washington, you must submit the Engineer in Training/Land Surveyor in Designer Fake Bags Training Certification Application.

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