When moncler outlet new German brand Blaken contacted moncler

Blaken – Custom Rolex Watches with Diamond Like Coating

The custom watch game has become cheap moncler coats very popular in recent years, especially turning your previous pieces matte black. While many brands have entered the space, the most prominent and respected brand in the market at the moment is without any doubt the Bamford Watch Department. Simply turning a Rolex Submariner black with a classic PVD treatment does not do the trick anymore at this point.When moncler outlet new German brand Blaken contacted moncler outlet online us, we first thought, that somebody was a little late to the game. Then we had a closer look and it was cheap moncler all worth it. The brand has developed two patented moncler sale outlet technologies, moncler mens jackets with which cheap moncler outlet Blaken Watches are coated in diamond like carbon (DLC). The processes take 16 days per watch and are technically currently only possible in cheap moncler sale Germany. Overall a Blaken creation will take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to finish. cheap moncler jackets The resulting Rolex watch has steel that is 8 times harder than regular Rolex steel and entirely scratch resistant. The DLC techniques were originally moncler outlet sale developed for motor moncler outlet store sports and for the aeronautical space.Blaken also offers moncler sale anything from a more shiny black look buy moncler jackets to matte black https://www.newmoncleroutlet.com and monlcer down jackets of course all the usual other customization options on the dial with Cheap Moncler color and other materials. Currently Blaken customizes the Submariner, Daytona, Explorer, Deepsea, Milgauss and GMT-II models from Rolex’s Oyster Collection.More info on the brand and its innovative new technique can be found here.A detailed look at Blaken watches follows after the jump.