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BTS reaction to coming home and seeing you in just

Canada Goose Jackets Masterlist Search Meta Blog ArchiveRSS an apron but it turns out canada goose outlet shop you were wearing a tank top and shorts underneath? Anonymous JIn biggest reaction from canada goose outlet new york city mama Jin because, what the heck do you think you are doing in there? That not sanitary! But then he would rethink. What if this was a surprise for him? What if you were seducing him? Little tease canada goose outlet in new york now he was going to get you. He would walk into the kitchen, and canada goose outlet real when you hear him, you look up canada goose outlet phone number from what you are doing with a smile. Before you can even open your mouth, he would tell you how much canada goose outlet store toronto he canada goose outlet reviews liked your surprise. canada goose outlet paypal Of course, you would have no idea what he is talking about, and tell him so. When he asks about you naked in only an apron, you would scoff at him, then slowly turn so he could see your tank and shorts. Immediately his face would flush with embarrassment, and he would canada goose outlet parka apologize. However, you would only be able to laugh as you watch his cheeks color even darker. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Suga He would come in and see you prancing around canada goose jacket outlet uk in that frilly apron, but it looks like you have nothing on canada goose shop uk underneath. Smiling, he would stalk towards you, pull you away from what you are canada goose outlet seattle doing, and eye you like a predator. You would blush and ask why he was looking at you like that. When he says that it because you were so considerate to be naked for his arrival back home, you would give him an incredulous look. Laughing, you would pull away and turn, showing him the tank and shorts beneath. Tsking, he would go about his business, disappointed that he got excited over nothing. Of course, this comment is going to grate your nerves, and you are going to have to canada goose outlet london go show him that you never disappoint. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Canada Goose Outlet J Hope would make a big scene out of this. He would come in and think you are naked under that canada goose outlet official apron of yours, then start dancing like the silly goose he is while stripping off some of his canada goose outlet store near me own clothes. You would be so distracted by the movement of his body, and the flesh he was revealing, it would take you a moment to finally ask him canada goose outlet black friday sale what he is doing. When he says that he getting naked, you are going to say and canada goose factory outlet ask him. He would look at you as if canada goose outlet london uk you had just grown another head. Why wouldn he be getting naked, when you are already? Laughing, you would have to show him that you are indeed wearing a tank and some shorts underneath, and sorry for the confusion. However, if Hobi already went through all that to strip for you, maybe you should goose outlet canada do the nice thing and just get naked for him anyway. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Rap Monster would be having a little celebration in his head. How lucky is he to come home to canada goose parka outlet uk you canada goose outlet locations in toronto and find you naked. He would be doing a celebratory dance in the doorway, and when canada goose outlet buffalo you finally notice him you would give him a look. He would stop his derpy dance when he realizes you canada goose jacket uk are now watching him, and immediately try turning canada goose outlet online reviews on suave Namjoon. He would stalk towards you, put his arms around your waist and feel fabric? Spinning you around, he would eye the tank and shorts the apron had so artfully hidden from his view, canada goose outlet location and become one disappointed puppy. When you ask him canada goose outlet woodbury what wrong, he would say that he thought you were naked for him canada goose outlet , pouting with those plump lips of his. You would laugh, and just tell him that next time you would know better. At least you should give him something to look forward to. canada goose

Canada Goose Online Jimin Can you imagine? He would come on the door, exhausted from a long day, and when he sees you like that https://www.canadagoosejacketsalesca.co.uk , he would start hooting and hollering right there about how he gonna get some. You would freeze, staring at him with wide eyes, before approaching him about the fiasco. He would start thanking you a million times for your consideration to his needs, and you would be thinking of the meal you are trying to prepare for him. You would smile and invite him, turning back to the kitchen,. Once he sees your clothes, though minimal, he would sigh in disappointment. Turning back, you would ask if he was disappointed with what you were making, to which you would only canada goose outlet uk get a pout in reply. Asking what was the matter, he would tell you that he thought you were naked. You would laugh and pull him into your arms. Wiggling canada goose outlet florida your eyebrows, you would tell him that that could always change, and then make him follow you out of the kitchen and further beyond. Canada Goose Online

cheap canada goose uk V prepare for him to go actor mode on you. He would canada goose outlet 80 off see you working busily canada goose outlet uk fake on dinner, and when he thinks your naked, he already has the perfect scenario playing out in his head. Dropping his things, he would deepen his voice, maybe canada goose stockists uk even adding an accent, and telling you what a good girl canada goose uk site you are, preparing yourself for your master;s arrival. You would look at him strangely but go along with his game. He would stalk up to you, saying suggestive things left and right, and you would respond with half assed master When he walks around you to attack from canada goose outlet store uk behind, he would groan in canada goose outlet kokemuksia disappointment and rest his head canada goose coats uk on your shoulder. When you ask what wrong, he will say nothing, and that you ruined his fun. Completely confused, you would watch him walk out of the kitchen, all the while he would be figuring out what it would canada goose outlet niagara falls take for you canada goose outlet price to really act out the scene he had in mind. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose clearance Jungkook would be a stuttering mess. He would come in and freeze, totally not expecting what he was seeing. He would ask you what you are doing, and you would reply with the obvious answer. Cooking. what else did it look like you were doing? He would gulp and take a step closer, wondering if he canada goose outlet 2015 could really believe his eyes. When you catch him staring you would ask him if you had something canada goose outlet canada on you. He would reply with a cocky saying that your apron was in the way. Not really getting what he was trying to say, you would remove the apron anyway, watching as his face would flush brighter and brighter until he saw your clothes. His eyebrow would go up, and you would both be giving each other confused looks. When you ask him what his problem is, he would mumble canada goose outlet in toronto a nothing, and just head back for the living room, disappointed that he wasn getting naked chef sex. You would have to ask him about the ordeal later, because you didn see anything staining your apron. canada goose clearance

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canada goose coats so, it is 9am here, and I have yet to go to bed. I have a lot of scenarios to go through, so I will get to them later today. Please anticipate and keep dropping asks in my box! Love you guys canada goose coats.