You not a victim, a martyr, or a hero just because you got

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cheap moncler outlet If it too hard for you, don become a parent. Lots of things are hard. If you not good enough to do something, don fuck up everyone around you by doing it anyway. You not a victim, a martyr, or a hero just because you got horny and fucked someone until a kid popped out. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet jackets Think long and fucking hard before having a kid. How many young lives have been lost this year alone just because some dumb fucking redneck mouthbreeders popped out some dumb fucking redneck murderers that they didn care enough about to parent properly? More children moncler sale lives lost than actual American soldiers in war zones just because these stupid fucking rednecks care more about their guns that they refuse to respect the power of properly buy moncler jackets and just leave loaded and laying around than they care about life itself. I hope it was worth your little fucking boner over having a piece of killing machinery in your possession for no other reason than just because you could. moncler outlet jackets

I out of empathy for these people. Take responsibility for your crotchspawn that you decided to let moncler mens jacket replica loose upon the rest of us.

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moncler outlet uk Oh yeah I have such pedo desires they so intense I made an entire cheesy comic book about a little kid who turns into a big muscle hunk but still has the brain of a child oh wait that Shazam. moncler outlet uk

B moncler outlet b but Shazam is like, real old so there no way the original creator cheap moncler outlet could have been thinking anything creepy like that. Just like how Astro Boy is old so there nothing disturbing about all of the phallic crazy shit that comes out of his asshole in those comics. Right? /s

Give me a break. Enjoy your pedo fantasy movie but don try and fool yourself. 3 points submitted 11 days ago

You do understand the term is halfway over right? And that if moncler outlet online the Dems sweep in November, he will effectively be a lame duck with his powers severely neutered?

I absolutely would love to see him found guilty and rot in jail. But my entire point is that will NOT happen if the investigation is not done absolutely flawlessly. If the only way that happens is it takes a little longer than optimal, so be it. It beats trying to rush it and him getting off. Yes, the BEAT case scenario would be right and fast, bur I don’t know how realistic that is.

For minorities it literal life and death. Trump needs to be gone yesterday. Mueller isn doing shit. There is finite evidence. A fucking year and some change should have been enough to go through it.

cheap moncler jackets And more evidence is released to the public day after day after day. But cheap moncler sale it somehow too hidden for the prosecutor to find. Bullshit. He just another tool in the trump tackle box. A controlled antagonist for him to face and win against to keep the public placated and distracted because « oh don worry ANY DAY NOW Meuller will get off his ass and do something! » cheap moncler jackets

moncler sale We just supposed to sit here and let our lives be destroyed and ended but think « oh it okay, that republican old white cis man definitely cares about us and some day will actually do something monlcer down jackets about all moncler mens jackets this ». Bullshit. moncler sale

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cheap moncler jackets sale Yeah we live in a magic world where someone can just ignore the law and the police shrug and go « oh well he said he didn wanna come to the station what can ya do? » cheap moncler jackets sale

moncler outlet store They should drag his fucking ass to be questioned if he won cheap moncler coats come himself just like they do to everybody fucking else. moncler outlet store

moncler factory outlet This isn justice this is stupid fucking games designed to keep that asshole in office as long as possible. moncler factory outlet

moncler outlet sale If Mueller can do his job, maybe some « second amendment people » should get it done real quick. moncler outlet sale

We already fucking suffering. Take the god moncler outlet store damned shot. If you wait til he out of office anyway you haven done anything to help us. Just the opposite. I rather he actually tried to stop trump instead of resting on his cheap moncler jackets privileged ass till it feels convenient for him.

Having rewatched that again for the 4th time with my boyfriend, Ben says « Thank you. » to Han after Han gets impaled by his lightsaber. Why would he thank Han?

moncler outlet To me it seems that Han was the one that actually ignited the saber instead of Ben because as Ben said he didn know if he had the strength to cheap moncler do it. I mean it looks like he did in the film. This is further reinforced by Ben backing out on firing on the bridge of the Raddus in TLJ, because he knew Leia was in there. moncler outlet

moncler sale outlet TL:DR; I think Han killed himself. moncler sale outlet

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You said stars in her own line of popular comics. A 24 issues series isn a line of comics, and it was rare for comics to go lower than that at the time, which means it wasn popular. You just took one small part of what I said and ignored the rest. She isn an anti hero, and she never had her own line of popular comics, no matter how much you argue semantics. You right it not a mini series per say, but that also not a whole line, there a huge gap between the 2. Argue if you want, I done, this discussion is going nowhere.

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Mystique was not a « bad ass anti hero » during the X Men comic book peak moncler sale outlet years. In the 80 and 90 it was all about Magneto, Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, Sabertooth, Juggernaut, and Mankind (Sentinels). Mystique had some appearances throughout the comic books, but she wasn any more popular than the names I listed above. Personally, I don even think she a Top 10 X Men villain.